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Defending regular season MVP LeBron - James and his wife relaxed long ago, when he looked around , surprised to see someone wearing his No. 6 Miami Heat jersey .

They in Venice on their honeymoon.

"It was kind of crazy , frankly, " James said. "There is a ' wow ' factor ."

James again is a top ranking in the latest list of best-selling jersey in the NBA on Thursday . The ranking is based Adidas and overall sales in the fourth quarter of this year, with Black Friday and Cyber ??Monday holiday sales - both of which are a record ,cheap nba jerseys china the league said.

Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant is second on the list , followed by Derek - Rose, Chicago Bulls , Oklahoma City Thunder Kevin - Durant and the New York Knicks - Carmelo Anthony .

"If people like the way I play the game of basketball , I love incentives are a better way , which is great ," James said. "Every time I see someone in my shirt , a complete stranger , it is a" wow "factor for me is the No. 1 guy , has the most jersey sales , this is crazy ."

There is a double-digit percentage growth from last year's jersey sales , according to the league.

With the two new versions of both the playing jersey James , or to hit the market , his data may continue to grow. James's short-sleeved shirt - a team wearing Christmas this year - is expected to become a big seller , will also be the name of collection jersey ,china cheap nba jerseys which the Heat will wear back in the beginning of next year bearing the nickname . James will work with " King James " in his shirt is for those who want to game .

Golden State Warriors - Stephen Curry is on the list for the first time in the 6th . Other first-timers , including the Houston Rockets on the list , James - Harden ( No. 12 ) and Indiana Pacers ( No. 14 ) - Paul George .

After the curry , the Heat 's Wade will check in 7th , followed by Chris Paul - Los Angeles Clippers , Cleveland Cavaliers Carey - Irving , Los Angeles Clippers Blake - Griffin ,cheap nba jerseys from china Oklahoma City Thunder Russell - Westbrook , Harden , Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers George on the 15th and then Michael Carter - Williams Rajon - Rondo .

Carter - Williams 15 people on the list is the only rookie.

James, who also has the world's most popular jersey this year , has held the position of the list of the first five times the domestic league jerseys on sale .

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